Tools and Equipment


Foam roller

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A good blender can make a world of difference. I personally use this Vitamin blender at home and it is great for smoothies, dressings, soups, cauliflower mash, and so much more…

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This is the ultimate tool to have for getting those annoying  "knots" in your back and shoulders, as well as any spot treatment you need at home.

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Lacrosse Ball

A easy to use and portable tool that is perfect for massaging out the feet and sore arches. It also works great for knots in your back.


Trigger Point Roller

A smaller, more specific roller for tough muscles and trigger points.

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Trigger Point                        

Double Massage Ball

Some like to call it the "peanut", it works like a lacrosse ball or full trigger point roller, but even better around joints and bones like the spine.


Extreme Lacrosse Ball

For those that want a more intense lacrosse ball roll out!

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Muscle Floss

This therapy band can be used for warming up muscles before a work out or for therapeutic release of chronically tight or problematic areas of the body. 

(This product should be used with proper supervision or instruction from a trained professional or physical therapist.)

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