Thank goodness for Audrey! After each session with Audrey my range of motion increased and pain decreased . . . Massage seemed equal, if not better therapy than PT.
— Katie, Poway

Thanks so much for your help Audrey, you’re awesome! You’re the best therapist I have, so I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me.
— Wayne - Long Beach

Audrey will get your life into extreme feelin’ good order. My favorite therapist!
— Dana, Ramona

Audrey’s messages are the greatest. She really knows what she’s doing and gets you feeling great in a very short time. Her knowledge of food, nutrition, and food exercise are absolutely amazing and I can tell you firsthand that she practices what she preaches. I highly recommend her to help you weather it is for fine tuning your body or weather your needs are deeper.
— Barbara, Rancho Santa Fe

Audrey is great! She worked around my injury and now it feels like I’m on the way to recovery!
— Camile, Point Loma

Audrey Ricca is the BEST massage therapist in San Diego!
— Julie Anne, Los Angeles

I came to Audrey on the recommendation of my wife. She has been thrilled with her work. I have upper back and neck pain from past injuries and postures associated with my profession as well as a recent hip injury - ligament tear and gluteus tear. After a one hour session, I was blessed with the first complete, unbroken night’s sleep in a year. The injury needs more therapy but this was a hopeful beginning.
— Jim, Oceanside

I can’t recommend Audrey enough. Not only is she an absolute expert at what she does, she is an expert at catering her treatment to suit exactly your needs. Her friendly and uplifting personality always leave me feeling positive and refreshed after our appointments. Thank you Audrey!
— Justin, San Diego