Complete Health

Complete health is a healthy lifestyle business that uses organic nutrition, holistic massage therapy, and whole body personal training to help you reach your goals and be the healthiest version of yourself! We use 100% organic oils, organic food and nutrition guided meal plans, hypoallergenic kinesio tape. We offer BMI testing for accurate results, as well as high intensity formatted fitness training.


Massage Therapy

We offer completely organic massage therapy sessions in a variety of styles perfectly suited for what you need. Each style of massage is completely customizable to you personally.

Pure Organic Massage - A gentle and relaxing massage session using pure organic oils.

Deep Tissue - A therapeutic massage that focuses on deep muscle relief.

Sports Massage - Designed specifically to recover from physical activity or prep the body for exercise.

Detox Massage - Lymphatic drainage massage that stimulates and improves the flow of the lymphatic tissue and circulation.

CBD Massage - Organic CBD salve added to any of our other styles of massage therapy.


Choose from three nutrition packages, specially designed to help you reach your nutrition and health goals.

We focus on using organic whole foods, healthy lifestyle adjustments and education on food preparation and cooking healthy meals.

Personal Training

Lose weight, get stronger, be healthy.

One-on-one training sessions tailored to your fitness goals.


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