We want to help you understand more about food, how it effects your health, how to reach your health goals, and provide the support you need to change your life through a healthier diet. 

Nutritional Bioanalysis:
A full evaluation of your nutritional needs based on your body's BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis) and biological characteristics. You will receive personalized macro nutrient calculations, a simple-to-follow meal plan and strategy and support that helps you reach your health goals, as well as your BMI and percent muscle mass.

Wellness Counsel:

We can meet as often as you'd like to discuss questions, increase your knowledge of food and nutrition, strategies to success, how to overcome barriers to success, and as a resource to follow-up on your nutritional bioanalysis. Each wellness counseling session includes a complimentary BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis).

Fitness Training:
We provide one-on-one sessions focused on improving balance, flexibility and foundational strength. Whether your goal is to start working out again, recovery from a surgery or simply gain more flexibility, we can help you reach your goals. 

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Massage Therapy:

Fully custom massage that uses a variety of techniques that are specifically tailored to address your needs, injuries or imbalances.

       Our promise to you...
           To Listen! The most important thing to any client is to find

            a therapist who listens to you.  

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