Nutrition Package:

Nutrition          Counseling

Nutritional Bio-Analysis: Customized evaluation of your nutritional needs based on your body's biological characteristics.

  • BIA report (Bio-Impedance Analysis)
  • Personalized nutrient calculations
  • Development of personal health goals 
  • Strategy for success

After a nutritional bioanalysis, you will receive a customized meal plan based on your goals and dietary needs. We can meet as often as you'd like to discuss questions, increase your knowledge of food and nutrition, re-assess BIA, and discuss strategies to success and how to overcome barriers to success. 

Our goal is to support you in reaching your health goals and become your healthiest self! 

Your first visit includes:

Have you ever wanted help with?

  • Choosing the right healthy diet for you
  • Learning new ways to cook or prepare foods
  • Losing weight 
  • Gaining muscle
  • How to eat before your next half marathon or sports event
  • Starting a Cleanse or Detox
  • Special diets like anti-inflammaory, ketogenic or paleo

  • Understanding food allergies or intollerances 
  • Finding healthier places to dine out
  • Eating to reduce cholesterol
  • Foods to help improve digestion or energy levels
  • Understanding the nutrition label on the back of foods

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to improve your health, improve your knowledge and improve your LIFE! 

We love helping you understand more about your diet,  reach your health goals and provide you with support to help you change your life.

A nutrition package is great because you get a discount on price per session, and increase your success in reaching your health goals. Lifestyle changes take time (usually 3-8 months depending on your goals) to create new habits and give your body and mind the time it needs to grow and learn new healthy habits that will stick long term, rather than the yo-yo effect some fad diets can have. We are here to support you the whole way and you will get the help you need to achieve your health goals through smart and realistic diet and lifestyle changes that will last over time. The nutrition package guarantees you have support and someone to hold you accountable for the duration of your transformation so that you are successful!

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